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Lyrics Competition 大会主题曲填词比赛

We are honoured that Hong Kong is the host city of the 8th run of this very conference. Being dedicated carers for our breast cancer survivors and families, we are planning to inject even more positive energy not just through this congress with knowledge exchange programmes but also to continue spreading more love and sustainable positive energy as we are heading to the Global Breast Cancer Awareness Month, every October of the year.


It is our honour having Mr. Mahmood Rumjahn (Lim Mu De), renowned music composer and educator, to compose a song dedicated for this conference based on our theme "Building Lives with Miracles". He is also serving as the Head Judge for the lyrics competition.

我们很荣幸邀请到本地著名作曲家及教育家 林慕德 先生,以是次会议主题「医患同心,共创生命奇迹」,为我们创作了大会主题曲并担任大会主题曲填词比赛的总评判。

The lyrics competition is opened to all and not limited to students, or public citizens, breast cancer survivors or healthcare workers.  Participants can submit their lyrics in English, Cantonese, Mandarin or a mixture of these three languages. Five awards will be presented respectively. Besides the Winner Award, 1st runner up Award, 2nd runner up Award, there would also be the Best Special Award for student composer (Secondary and Tertiary) as well as the Best Special Award for breast cancer survivors/healthcare workers.


Further details will be announced soon. Please stay tuned.


💕开始创作你的歌词 !💕

Mr. Mahmood - Head.jpeg

Mr. Mahmood Rumjahn

(Lin Mu De) 

林慕德 先生

Famous music composer and educator,

Hong Kong


Inspiration from Mr. Mahmood Rumjahn (Lin Mu De) 
主题曲作曲家的创作灵感及感言 - 林慕德 先生

The lyrics of this song is about ‘Not giving up on Hope’! There is always hope if one has the will to fight on to achieve success!

本主题曲的歌词是关于「不要放弃希望」! 只要您愿意相信,希望是一直都在的。

There is no need to give up on anything because, even if you cannot achieve what you want, there might be a miracle that will help you achieve it! 


As long as one perseveres in the ‘Pursuit of Excellence’, has discipline, has patience, believes in the power of nature, does their best in solving problems and has hope, many problems can be solved; including the curing Cancer!


There are many things in the world that we, as humans, cannot explain when these things happen. Therefore, it is important to believe in Miracles! If you have hope, there will be miracles. 

这世界总有许多事情是我们 (人类)不能解释的,所以,我们更要相信奇迹一定会发生! 只要您愿意相信,奇迹就会发生。

Believe in yourself, believe in hope and believe in ‘MIRACLES’!


🎶Theme Song Demo & Music Score 大会主题曲及乐谱🎶

There are MiraclesMr. Mahmood Rumajahn (Lin Mu De) 林慕德 先生
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